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Welcome to Oak Knoll Software.
We are a consulting services company that specializes in helping you integrate new technology into your business environment in a strategic and price-conscious way.

Please take a leisurely stroll around our web site to see how we might be able to help you solve not only the problems you are facing today...but also those you will be facing tomorrow.
Remember...technology doesn't have to hurt!
 Have a strategy
 Helping you understand
 The right tool for the job
 We're vendor friendly
 Closing the loop

Have a strategy

All too often, businesses make purchase decisions for new technology based on price and expediency, without having a real strategy for how that technology fits into their total business plan.

We believe that it is possible to incorporate technological solutions into your business that not only work well, but work well together.


At Oak Knoll Software, we believe that the most important step we need to take to ensure that you are a satisfied customer is to listen to what you have to say.

After all, you are the expert in your business and you know best how you would like it to be run.

Once we understand you we can then, and only then, begin to propose solutions that will truly help you.

Helping you understand

You need to make informed decisions.

We feel that it is an important part of our job to help you understand not only the original problem… but the costs, the risks, the requirements, the benefits and the pitfalls of any proposed solution.

Communication is the key to ensuring that everyone’s expectations are the same.

The right tool for the job

We have a very different approach which takes advantage of our knowledge of the complete business process.

You see…not all of the problems you face have or need a technological solution. Sometimes, you just need someone to look objectively at a problem to uncover its source and see that there is a very simple solution, such as a need for more training or improved documentation for your staff.

As such, we can provide an entire suite of services which helps to ensure that we use the right tool for the job.

We’re vendor-friendly

We think your other vendors are important too.

They provide you with the software products and services that run your business and we can work with them to help you protect your existing investment.

 Closing the loop

We view our relationship with you as a continuous loop where we are constantly helping you to review and revise your technological position to keep up with the constantly changing demands of doing business in today’s world.



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